Bye Week Notes — Let’s Talk About Thursday’s ASUCD Meeting With Athletics

So UC Davis didn’t have an American football game this weekend. (There was plenty of action in the other football, where Men’s Soccer played in a pro soccer stadium and Women’s Soccer got a victory and some quality surfing time in Hawaii.)

What we did have was a fascinating, and hugely significant, ASUCD Senate meeting which featured Controller (money-handler) Rylan Schaeffer and several campus attorneys and other representatives. The issue in question was whether the fees voted on by students, which provide the principal source of funding for Athletics, are allowed to be changed by the university.
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Wait, We Have a Game This Weekend? — UC Davis vs. #14 Montana State

Who we’re playing:
We’re playing Montana State, a traditional power among the smaller western programs. Upperclassmen may remember MSU visiting us for Homecoming in 2012, where we played them close despite their status as a top-tier team in the conference. UC Davis is 1-4 (0-2 in conference play), whereas The Montana State Bobcats are 4-2 (2-0 in conference). MSU also made a name for themselves this year by almost upsetting Eastern Washington, who were supposed to be the top team in the conference and maybe entire subdivision.
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Beginner’s Guide to Aggie Home Games

For those students who have never been to a home football game — and judging by our attendance and stadium size, there are a lot of such people — the idea of going to an event as big as a football game without prior experience may be pretty daunting. Many prospective students also assume that a home game is strictly a sporting event that may not be interesting. This post, then, is to serve as an introduction to what a game is like and as an explanation of how games are entertainment and social events in addition to athletic ones.

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