Beginner’s Guide to Aggie Home Games

For those students who have never been to a home football game — and judging by our attendance and stadium size, there are a lot of such people — the idea of going to an event as big as a football game without prior experience may be pretty daunting. Many prospective students also assume that a home game is strictly a sporting event that may not be interesting. This post, then, is to serve as an introduction to what a game is like and as an explanation of how games are entertainment and social events in addition to athletic ones.

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Introducing the Aggeek Blog!


So I have about 5 months of service left on this site before I can’t afford to maintain it, which is just enough time and in the right place to cover the regular season for fall sports. Therefore, I decided to use the time given to me to advocate an issue about which I am extremely passionate: getting the hardworking, high-achieving students of UC Davis interested in intercollegiate athletics. I love my school and I love the quiet school spirit that goes on here, but a continual issue I’ve had with the student body is its unmerited dismissive and critical attitude towards our school sports teams (and particularly football). This blog, then, will attempt to address those criticisms, explain apparent faults in UCD athletics, and describe the ins and outs of the Aggies in a way that is accessible to casual student fans.
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