Wait, We Have a Game This Weekend? — UC Davis vs. #14 Montana State

Who we’re playing:
We’re playing Montana State, a traditional power among the smaller western programs. Upperclassmen may remember MSU visiting us for Homecoming in 2012, where we played them close despite their status as a top-tier team in the conference. UC Davis is 1-4 (0-2 in conference play), whereas The Montana State Bobcats are 4-2 (2-0 in conference). MSU also made a name for themselves this year by almost upsetting Eastern Washington, who were supposed to be the top team in the conference and maybe entire subdivision.

When and where:
Saturday, October 11, at 4:00 PM at Aggie Stadium.

Why should I go to this game?
It’s Homecoming — so there will be plenty of alumni present, an energetic student turnout, and an exciting halftime set. This game will also be a salute to breast cancer awareness. If you’re a freshman, you will be allowed to run onto the field at the start of the game provided you’re wearing this year’s Aggie Pack shirt.

Are we likely to win?
At this point, the default answer has to be “no” for most games, but if MSU were compared to our other five opponents so far they would place roughly in the middle. That #14 ranking means they’re in the top 20 of all FCS schools (non-bowl-eligible schools that offer 63 scholarships), which means that while they’re not up to scratch with Stanford, their program is no joke. So to some extent we’re likely to lose, but there is more hope than there was for many of our previous games.

How do I get tickets?
If you’re a student you will get in free just by swiping your Aggiecard. That will get you either a seat in the grassy endzone or in the east-side student section.

Aggie Pack giveaways:
Aggie Pack is handing out snapback (skater) hats like last year. (Although now they seem to be grey-and-pink rather than Davis-colored.) There is also a limited-availability program where you can hand in your old college or high school shirt and get a Davis t-shirt. (Which is a great idea.)

The normal tube socks, coupons, and pizza will likely be present at gametime as well.

Intersting stuff before or at the game:
Tailgating starts a few hours before the game in the lot by the main gate. There should be plenty of activities for students this time around.

How early should I arrive?
Homecoming is always crowded, and hat giveaways will make the crowds worse. To get stuff and/or a good seat, expect to arrive two hours before gametime.

What if I can’t make the game?
ROOT Sports will be televising the game, like they did last week at Portland State. It should be on the Audience channel for DirectTV. The UC Davis radio call will additionally be streamed online.

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