About the Author

Alex1_rawI am a physics major at the University of California, Davis who is interested in politics, music, sports, art, and professional development. After being extremely active in high school journalism, I decided to take it up as a hobby in college.

As a teacher’s son, scholarship recipient, and at various times a student at two different UC campuses, I am extremely interested in observing the current state of California education with particular regards to affordability and equal opportunity. I will also occasionally comment on other political issues.

In the Summer of 2014 I received a generous grant that allowed me to travel abroad to England in a UC Davis literature program. I am enormously thankful for this opportunity and have therefore dedicated a large part of this site to documenting my stay and all the amazing adventures that were opened up to me due to the generosity of UCD donors.

Recently, I have become concerned about the lack of school spirit and athletic awareness on my campus. I feel that such ambivalence is detrimental to the undergraduate experience and harmful to the university’s reputation. Therefore, I have dedicated another portion of this site to a sports blog that caters to casual student fans and occasionally provides opinion pieces about why students should care about collegiate athletics.

Thank you for reading!