#CountdowntoCauseway 2: We Have a Game — No, We Have THE Game Today

It’s here.

Who We’re Playing:
We’re playing and beating our perennial rival Sac State. Sac State is 6-5; the Ags are 2-8.

Time and Place:
The game is at 1 PM on Saturday at Aggie Stadium. Because this is a popular game, you should be in the vicinity of the stadium at 11:45.

Aggie Pack Giveaways:
The Aggie Pack is handing out Gnomes to students as they walk in. The gates open at noon and they presumably give away gnomes until supplies run out, so again, consider arriving 11:45 or earlier. This is also probably going to be a high scoring game, so look for Aggie Pack to dump their wares of tube socks on each touchdown.

Are we likely to win?:
Even though the records are really tilted in favor of the Hornets, the Ags have history on their side with a streak of four wins. Records and past performance seem to matter very little in the Causeway Classic, which could affect either side. So this is a winnable game, but not necessarily an assured victory.

Hope to see you there! Go Ags!

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